Council & Mayor

Roles and Responsibilities

The duties of the City Council and Mayor in the City of Atlantic encompass a wide range of responsibilities aimed at effectively governing and serving the community. The City Council, as the legislative body, is responsible for passing ordinances, setting policies, and allocating resources to meet the needs of the city. They review and approve the annual budget, establish zoning regulations, and enact laws that promote public safety, health, and welfare. Additionally, council members represent the interests of their respective wards while also considering the overall well-being of the entire city.

The Mayor, as the chief executive officer, provides leadership and direction to the city government. They oversee the implementation of policies established by the City Council, manage city departments, and appoint key officials and advisory boards. The Mayor also serves as the ceremonial head of the city, representing Atlantic in public events and liaising with other governmental entities on behalf of the community. Furthermore, the Mayor plays a crucial role in fostering community engagement, advocating for initiatives that enhance quality of life, and addressing concerns raised by residents. Together, the City Council and Mayor work collaboratively to address the needs of Atlantic and ensure its continued growth and prosperity.

Elected Officials


Grace Garrett

First Ward

Emily Kennedy

Second Ward

Jim Behrens

Third Ward

Mike McDermott

Fourth Ward

Shawn Sarsfield

Fifth Ward

Dana Halder

At Large

Elaine Otte

At Large

Gerald Brink